William Barnds is a friutloop winning, fiction-based artist whose work focuses on nothing in particular.

William attended the University of Fable, and received a Bachelor's degree in Art with a specialization in Nonsense. William's work has been featured in many international publications and various forms of media........it just gets lost in the spam.

For more information on William's work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

My Daily Prayer

Our existence, which is here and now, hallowed be our time span.

The kingdom was, is and always will be, time and happenstance.

It’s will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven, regodless of our chosen name for these things.

Give us this day, our daily bread;

Forgive our trespasses, as we will forgive theirs;

Lead us not into rash temptations;

Keep us from evil aspirations.

For existence is the kingdom, power and the glory, for our temporary delight!

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